No situation or person is important enough to disrupt my peace. I refuse to give anything or anyone that much power over me.

Words are powerful. I will use my words to bless people.

My dreams are valid. I will achieve them. There is no better person to do what I am meant to do, than me.

I’m actually dope as hell. One person’s inability to appreciate my value does not make me any lesser.

My gifts and talents are meant to be shared. My life is not fully lived if I live it only for myself.

Comparison is the thief of joy. I will not allow the beauty, success, or intellect of my peers to invalidate me.

I will not settle for someone out of convenience, timing, or loneliness. I am strong enough to wait. I will protect my heart.

I am allowed to change. I’m not have to be the person I used to be just so others feel comfortable around me.

I will not never become someone worth knowing without experiencing failure. Risk is good. Effort is good. Trying–and failing–is good.

Fear is the enemy of progress. I will not sell my self short. I will not engage in self pity.

I am light. I am joy. Neither of those lessen when shared with others.

I will strive for fruitfulness, not productivity.